First up, last to fall

A couple days of warm weather teased the first of the daffodils and primrose into blooming.

Followed 24 hours later by a 45 degree drop in temperature and then a snowstorm. Sigh. At least enough snow fell that it broke the local record for most snowfall in a season. So, at least there’s that. Let’s hope it’s the last snow fall of the season.
There should be Lunar Eclipse photos here, but instead I watched snow fall. Gah.

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Livin’ la vida tiny

Let’s get small.

Simplify, simplify, has a simple appeal.

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Edge of Spring

Took a hike @ Proud Lake. There’s still snow in the woods and slushy ice in the ponds but spring was definitely in the air.
Click here or the image below to view some photos and video.

Nature’s first green is gold. Pure gold.

More Proud Lake photo galleries here.

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Signs of progress

Winter’s back is broken. While I’m not ruling out more snow, things are heading in the right direction! On this evening, the ice takes on a bruised hue as the sun falls.
It’s getting rotten around the edges. I guess I can say that skating season is officially over.

Larger, full version of the above photo is here.

Pano shot of the front yard is here. ( 1.9 MB )

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Proof of life

Found at the bottom of one of the local glaciers currently occupying my garden:

Meanwhile on the weather report…

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