Gone Ghost

Made a late afternoon stop at Fayette Historic Townsite outside of Garden, Michigan while on our way home from Pictured Rocks. An interesting place, it’s an abandoned Victorian era iron smelting town that had it’s boom and bust and is now a State historic site and Park. Click the image below to open a photo gallery. More info in the links below the fold.

State of Michigan DNR site

Wikipedia article.

Things To Do In The UP article.

Ghost Towns site entry.

FayetteMichigan.com site.

Pure Michigan site entry and event calendar.

Located on the Garden Peninsula.

See it from the Oblique Imagery site.

Some of my photos from a previous visit and some Fayette-inspired 3D art.

Photos by yours truly and special guest photographer Grant Michael Bennett.

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These pictures rock.

To paraphrase Frank Zappa, I’m not dead, I just smell funny. Part of the reason is that I took one of my nephews on a backpacking trip to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The weather was kind to us, the bugs were friendly, and the views were tremendous. Without further ado, here’s a 100+ image gallery of photos from the park.

To see older photos of mine and a selection of links regarding the Lakeshore, click here.

In case you miss the link in the photo caption, here’s a short video from Mosquito Beach.

Still working through the video processing, there may be more of those on the way.

Took a side trip on the way home to the ‘ghost town’ of Fayette, which will be the subject of my next blog post.

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May Pops

Like an old retread, here are some slightly delayed shots from this spring.

The garden feels a little emptier this year.

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Recreational Fire

Something willow tree owners learn to love.

Click to see larger.

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Some fantastic (for March in Michigan) weather took me out for yet another hike at Proud Lake State Recreation Area. Took a good long hike, and then waited till after dusk, hoping to hear or see the ‘sky dance of the Timberdoodles’ but to no avail. Unknowingly, I dropped the camera in the snow on the way back in the dark. Freaked out the next morning when I noticed it was gone. Luckily had the GPS running and there was still lots of snow in the woods, so I was able to retrace my route. Figured it was a goner when I arrived at the last place I knew I’d taken a photo and still hadn’t found it. Followed my track backwards once more, even slower this time, and was so happy when I spotted just a corner of the camera peeking out of the snow. Good thing it’s waterproof… and I dropped it during the ‘off trail’ portion of the hike. With all that being said, here’s a few photos from the walk.

A video with some sights and sounds of the thawing woods is linked here.

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