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Things I do when I’m not watching ice melt in the January thaw.

A collection of my 3D modeling and rendering. My program of choice is trueSpace.
Here are some of the things that didn’t fit in the ‘Cabin’ section of my website, plus some extras that didn’t make it on to the web in any official capacity until now.

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Smooth Move, X-Cracks

Roller coaster weather; snow, then rain and high winds, then dropping temps.

Took the overall sheen off the ice, but melted all the snow and left the surface pebbled and crunchy in spots but still glassy in others. A sunny weekend finally brought out other skaters, some cruising around like me and some playing hockey.  Put in lots of miles while I can. Ice thickness is 6-10 inches, and I know it’s safe, but it’s still a thrill to hear noises like a giant saltine cracker breaking and see new cracks propagate like a lightning bolt beneath your feet.  Went out again after dark and skated while the waning gibbous Moon rose. Noises even more un-nerving in the dark. Just keep telling myself I skated over this multiple times in the daylight and try to ignore them. Being out there alone probably isn’t the greatest idea but what can you do. More freezing rain followed by regular rain last night. Hoping the forecasted warm up doesn’t do much damage. I’ll spare you the statistics because I have several days worth compiled, and they’re probably only interesting to no one else but me. In the meantime, another photo gallery and a new video.

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Big Ballroom

The rain and warmth (again) gave way to a(nother) cold snap. I let it solidify a couple days and finally couldn’t stand looking at the sheeny-shiny anymore. 

Almost perfect conditions. A fair bit of creaks and groans the first few passes; adrenaline is a fine adjunct to ice skating. Went much further out this time. What little snow there was in patches was very thin. Further out where the wind was higher it was scoured clean. Forgot the GPS the first session. Brought the camera, took some photos and a video.
Went out at dusk and remembered to bring it then. Skated well into the dark beneath a half moon.

Lake Pointe Skate Report
GPS Stats:
Odometer: 8.17 miles
Max speed: 12.9 mph
Moving time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Moving average: 6.9 mph
Stopped: 27 minutes
Overall average: 5 mph

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Haven Hill, revisited.

I remember hiking out here sometime in the 1990’s when the Lodge was still standing. I went crazy over the log construction, stone patios and fireplaces, and shake roof. It seemed a shame that it had fallen into such a state of neglect. I was angry when arson took it down to the foundation in 1999. I went back a couple days ago to see what was left.



Here are some links for additional information about this site:  – Haven Hill Project Blog Haven Hill Blog History page (IE recommended, looks like ass in Firefox)

Trail Map:

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Lake Ice

All is proceeding as I have forseen.

Warm up, followed by rain and wind, followed by more cold. Left it to freeze a day or two, probably should have waited a while longer for safety’s sake, but since they are calling for a little snow I thought I would test the ice.

North side was bumpy and littered with sticks and twigs blown out of the trees. Looked to be 2 to 4 inches thick. Didn’t go out far. Skated 3.3 miles and took a break to see if south lake was any better. Soft near shore- got a soaker getting off onto shore.

South side was much better but looked and sounded thinner despite being frozen longer. Lots of creaking and snapping noises but that just teaches you courage. Once again, beneath the tree limbs were lots of sticks and twigs but further out it was nice and clear. Stayed in the shallows just in case, not sailing out over the drop-off quite yet. Some very nice smooth areas further out where the rain puddled up and froze. If the snow holds off and the cold sticks around it might be epic conditions. As usual, I wore my life jacket under my coat and carried gutter spikes in my pockets.

Video link here and also in photo caption in photo gallery.

Lake Pointe Skate Report
GPS Stats:

Odometer: 10.6 miles
Max speed: 13.5 mph
Moving time: 1 hr 45 min
Stopped: 27 min
Moving average: 6 mph
Overall average: 4.8 mph

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