After leaving Clifton Gorge, we drove from Yellow Springs Ohio to Dawson Springs, Kentucky.  Clear weather and beautiful roads. Camped on the Tradewater River, then drove to Mantle Rock Natural Monument in Lola, Kentucky the next morning to sit and wait for the eclipse. Soon joined by a friendly Minnesotan and 100 even friendlier larval ticks. We decamped to a rockier spot and proceeded to pick, flick, and wait. Set up the kids telescope with a solar filter and watched the Moon slide across the Sun. The first total solar eclipse I’ve ever seen, I understand now why people chase them.

Like, totality, duuuude. Wow.

Watch Totality end here.

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Clifton Gorge

Stayed in an Ohio State Park (John Bryan State Park) while we visited the Air Force Museum. Near the campground is a 2 mile long gorge cut by the Little Miami River.
We visited the gorge on the way out of town.

Click the image above to open a photo gallery or watch a short video.

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US Air Force Museum

Stopped here for the first leg of the 2017 Eclipse Roadtrip. .

Located in Dayton, Ohio, and on the web here:
Click image to open gallery of photos by myself and my able assistant photographer.
10/10, would plane again.

Update: how did they get those huge planes in there?

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Down from 612

Paid a visit to the Cabin recently and squeezed in a canoe trip.
Took a time-lapse video of part of the trip. Photo gallery linked below.

Manistee magic.

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Solstice Hike at, where else, Proud Lake State Recreation Area. The swamps are pretty dry; upper Michigan is getting all the rain.

As always, click here or on the image to open a photo gallery.

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