It’s a Shore Thing

Fly along the southern shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. (Link)

Pretty simple: start at the top ‘County map’. Click a county. The smallest map in the middle displays red squares that represent smaller areas. (This map is also clickable, use it to navigate along the particular county’s shoreline) The larger topo map at the bottom shows where each individual photo was taken. Once you click on a numbered dot you’ll see the image. Click on the largest image to see a higher resolution version. To return to the maps, click the ‘locater’ link. Don’t miss the ‘download maps’ (pdf) link for extras.

Here are some highlights to get you going:

Start at the Soo…see the locks.

The abstract beauty of Bay Mills

Whitefish Point

Crisp Point saved by intensive volunteer efforts, the tower is the only remaining building from this Light Station. An adventure to visit!

Little Lake Harbor Looks like it could use a little dredging.

Grand Marais Grand Sable Dunes stretch west beyond town. Eastern portal to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Grand Sable Dunes  Grand Sable Lake in the background Dune face is approx 300 feet tall.

The ‘Log Slide’

Au Sable Point Light Station

Beaver Creek  backcountry campground

The west end of 12 Mile Beach Location of ‘Coves’ backcountry campground.

Spray Falls Idyllic now, at least 40 lives were lost here when the steamer ‘Superior’ wrecked against the cliffs in October of 1856.

A recent rock fall, witnessed by spectators on the tour boat. (See Image)

Chapel Rock

Chapel Beach (left) and ‘Battleship Row’ (center)

Portal Point Once large enough to sail through, now blocked by fallen debris. (More stereoscopic vintage views here.)

‘Indian Head’

Mosquito Beach backcountry camp, mouth of the Mosquito River (center), and Mosquito beach (right) Scroll right a little; great place to snorkel!

Miner’s beach; mouth of Miner’s River.

Miner’s Castle


Grand Island, west side

Grand Island Light, north side

Shot Point


Marquette Ore Dock for loading iron ore onto ships

Marquette Lighthouse

Power Station

Thoney’s Point

Granot Loma Like it? it’s For Sale!

Well, you get the idea…


More of my photos from PIRO.

Lars Jensen’s amazing photos.


How about this? Now you can look at every last mile of the Great Lakes shoreline.

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