It’s another Shore Thing

It looks like the rest of the imagery for the Upper Peninsula has come online.

You can now ‘fly’ the south shore along Lakes Michigan and Huron.

I must say I preferred the interface design of the original.  (North shore imagery)

Will I write another huge post with the highlights linked or just send you off to explore?

(Maybe a little of both…)

Hints: use the google map thingie to zoom in a bit, and pick out interesting spots like:

The Les Cheneaux area near Hessel.

Catch the ferry to Drummond Island, where fractals unfold.

Grand Island in Munising Bay.

Mackinac Island or St. Ignace.

Seul Choix Point.

Ghost town of Fayette, on the Garden Peninsula. (Village of Garden).

Or, maybe find your own Private Idaho.

Go seek a pleasant peninsula! (Shoreline Viewer Site Link)


Copper Harbor, MI

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