Pining for the fjords

Every year I recall my previous visits to Isle Royale National Park and wonder why in the hell I’m not going again this year.

These words of wisdom echo in my head every time I don’t go:

“If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.”
-Warren Miller

Thanks to YouTube, now you can see and hear a few of the reasons why it has so much appeal to me.

After you visit, you’ll forget the heat, the cold, the blisters and the bugs, but the quality of the space and light will remain with you.

Here is a nice HD video that will give you a small idea of what I mean.

(Click the ‘Watch on youtube link’ for larger size and more video)

Link to the videographer’s channel, where there are plenty more.

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2 Responses to Pining for the fjords

  1. Nina says:

    Thanks for posting that wonderful video, but it made me regret my decision to go somewhere else this year! I am planning to go next year, though. How about you?

  2. spacekdet3d says:

    I’d love to, but it really deserves a 10 -14 day stretch to really get anywhere.
    That amount of time is hard to come by!
    It’s been so long, the last time I was there I had a camera that you had to put film in!

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