Sweet summer time

Had another chance to take out the sailing canoe. Bought it from the neighbor who got it from a friend after the friend’s father passed away. They tried it out but found it too fiddly and put it up for sale for $200. It was worth it just for the canoe (a 15’ square-stern Grumman), let alone one with a complete sail rig. Rebuilt the rudder handle using some square aluminum tubing and the extension handle from our old Sea Witch sailboat. Works like a champ.

Nice canoe- rated to hold up to a 5 horsepower motor- I can’t imagine what that would be like! Has 3 keels, one in the customary spot and one on each side just below the waterline. With the two sideboards down the thing is rock solid- I often stand up to stretch my legs and also to shift weight during turns. Let’s just say it tracks nice and straight, but turning on a dime is not it’s strong suit.

The GPS logged 8.03 miles, top speed of 5.5 MPH, and about 2.45 hours before I started getting a little crispy in the sun. Sailed past the old owner’s house and she ran out and took a couple snaps. So that’s what I look like!

Wind was steady from the west at 5-10 MPH, certainly not raging but enough to keep moving. Tied off the sail to free up a hand to run the camera. Thinking of rigging up the Otter Box in the stern for almost hands-free filming.  Would really love a waterproof camera someday.

Took a few shaky videos without dropping the camera this time. Here’s one, all gussied up with appropriate tuneage.

Winter will be here before you know it, get out there and enjoy your summer.

Like Mom used to say: “GO PLAY OUTSIDE!”

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