October 26

Went ‘Up North’ to the cabin for a few days to check out the fall colors and winterize the plumbing. Weather was still warm for the first day or so but the faux Indian Summer had to geaux sometime. Away it went in a 3 day blow of wet, and wind, and falling temps. Still enjoyable with a fire in the woodstove and a full food box! By the time it was over, most of the leaves had been stripped from the trees and that was that for the most intense color.

Took a drive one day up thru Mancelona north to the Alba/ Elmira area to take a peek at ‘Deadman’s Hill’ overlook. It looks west over the Jordan River valley. Mom and Dad had been there before, but it was a first for me. Tried taking back roads on the way there, but had to turn around when we ran across some puddles that looked a little fearsome to attempt with a minivan. When we got there, I pushed Mom’s wheelchair up the hill into the teeth of a gusty west wind. She shivered while I snapped a few photos of mostly bare trees.

Back in the car we decided to eat dinner at Shirley’s In The Woods. We were a little late and the pie shop along the way was already closed for the day. Tragic. Had my heart set on Shirley’s pot roast dinner but as we were waiting to order I hear the cook say ‘that’s the last of the mashed potatoes!’ as someone else’s order came up. Oh, cruel Fate! I had to pick something else and eat my feelings until I was better. Later in the week they more than made up for it when we ordered the take out fried chicken. I may never stop at Colonel Whatsisname’s again. So, so good.

Didn’t do much work other than splitting a little kindling and moving firewood for the outside fire pit. DVD movies, books, a little photography, reading the old logbooks and drawing in the new sketchbook sufficed for entertainment. We stay up and sleep late and eat well and it’s all good.

All good things must come to an end, and the trip ended with a flurry of cleaning and packing and then the process of draining the water from the plumbing. Usually, I save the vacuuming for last, but the power browned out halfway first and then all the way out. There’s enough dog hair to make an extra dog, sorry next visitor! It’s always bittersweet to leave the Cabin; even more so at the end of the season. As kids, the last thing we did before leaving was to walk down to the dock one last time and cry ‘Goodbye, River!’… walking up the steps… ‘Goodbye Cabin!’… into the car, and we drove away up the driveway.


All these pics and more in a gallery or plain flavor.

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