January Jive

Weird weather continues in January 2012.

I miss the ice skating, the snow shoveling…not so much.

Here is a shot from a recent morning that looked and smelled more like late March than mid-January:

Click for large (500k) version.

As I post this, conditions have returned to a more normal state: currently 11 F/ –11 C

I’m hoping the ice firms up on the upper lake enough to get out there and skate! It’s stayed frozen- but just barely. That’s unlike the lake out in front of the house which keeps either melting or breaking up in the wind.

Been working a bit on my website, trying to streamline the photo section. Efforts are ongoing…100+ sub-galleries that will also need some link redirection or rebuilding. I’m really not sure who I’m doing it for other than my own satisfaction, site statistics reveal little in the way of hits. On the plus side, there’s probably no danger of having to pay extra for high traffic.


Jump ahead a couple days and the scene resembles this:

Click for large (500 k) version.

There is snow and ice, but just a skim coat of both. it would be a great beginning for nice skating ice if a) it stayed cold for a week or so and b) didn’t snow. However…forecast is for 2- 5 inches of snow beginning tonight so… here’s hoping for high winds to go along with it.

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