trueSpace is dead, long live trueSpace

(Updated December 28, 2015)

New! 12/2015:  Updated Fan Site with program downloads, plugins, shaders, and more.

Prompted by the final shutdown of the Caligari website, I’m opening this post for any comments or questions. I’ll link here and back to my trueSpace tutorials page.

Please feel free to ask any trueSpace or tutorial related questions.

It was a good long run, yet the race continues.

Archived copy of the Caligari User Forum.

trueSpace Un-Official Updates and extensions.

Thanks, Roman and the Caligari Team for a hell of a lot of fun.

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35 Responses to trueSpace is dead, long live trueSpace

  1. Ron Barrett says:

    I just downloaded trueSpace. Can’t get it to run. I get the error message, “trueSpace encountered a problem and must close…send or don’t send a report to Microsoft. Any suggestions?

    OS WinXP Home
    Ram 512


  2. spacekdet3d says:

    512 MB of Ram is bare, bare minimum- add more if possible.
    Run DXDIAG and make sure all tests pass and direct X is at least version 9.

    Some info on recommended specs: This 3D forum is still active, so if you get it going and have more questions, or decide to try a different program, it’s a good place to look for answers.

    The old Caligari Forum archive has a somewhat related question:
    This is just an archive- it’s read-only. A useful store of trueSpace knowledge, but no ask and answer possible.

    One more thing to try:

  3. D Man says:

    I’m getting my head around tS 7.6, can you tell me how the model/workspace thing works, I am familiar with tS 5 and older versions so I am finding this new setup a bit confusing. Thanks!

    • spacekdet3d says:

      Model = trueSpace 6.x
      Workspace = trueSpace rebuilt from the ground up with a new code base.

      The ‘Model’ side acts like a giant plug-in so that all old format scenes and objects, etc, can be imported into the new Workspace format. It includes the Lightworks render engine.

      Workspace represents the direction the program was heading- there are some great new tools, but not everything was finished before development was halted. Render output is natively to DX 9 realtime (why wait for a render) or to third party engines such as VRAY.

      The connection between the two halves is via the ‘bridge’, which does just what it sounds like. You have the option of working with the bridge on or off, depending on what your desired outcome is.

      Unfortunately, major development by Caligari was stopped after Microsoft acquired the company.
      Fortunately, there is still an active group of users that continue to tweak and improve the program.

      We hang out here:

      The FAQ section there has extensive answers detailing the differences between Model and Workspace. You can also download the manual, user-updated versions of the program and lots of cool add-on tools.

      To register, the answer to the anti-spambot question is ‘ 9 ‘
      Hope to see you there!

  4. MichaelH. says:

    I have been a LONG time user of TS3 (I know…). Now I have a spaceship object that is in mesh form and I need to make it a solid. I got TS7.6 but it doesn’t seem to load any of the object formats that I can create with TS3. Any ideas PLEASE ?

  5. spacekdet3d says:

    Wow, you’re really testing my memory with a tS 3 question!
    I *think* 3 put out meshes in .cob format, which 7.6 can import.
    If so, you’ll just have to use the Model side to do it.
    Model can import and save the *.cob format

    Fire up tS 7.6 and then click the Model tab:

    Next, click the “TS6 Files” menu (not the ‘File’ menu) and click Load/Object:

    Next, in the Stack, click the Settings tab. Turn Bridge to ‘On’
    Now use the “File” menu (not the “TS6 File” menu) dropdown to Save
    Choose ‘as type’ dropdown and pick ‘Object files (*.RsObj)

    Keep in mind you may have to reapply any materials since tS3 uses the rPlus render engine and 7.6 has a different one.

    Please feel free to join the U3DA forum mentioned above for orphaned trueSpace artists.

    • MichaelH. says:

      THANKYOU so much for the detailed instructions. Without them, I would have NEVER found my way through this maze! I followed all the steps and save it back as a cob, but when I take it back into TS3, it is still a mesh. Does this mean I have to stay in TS7 to use it as a solid ?

  6. spacekdet3d says:

    You’re very welcome, but, now I’m getting confused- if it’s exporting from tS3 it has to be a solid because the ability to handle non solids didn’t show up until version 4.
    Was the object originally created in tS3?
    What’s your objective, to continue to work on it in tS3 or migrate it to 7.6?

    Not sure if this will help since I’m not sure what you want to do, but there was a free tS3/4 era plugin called ‘Solidify’; it can be found here:

    • MichaelH. says:

      The object was created for me years ago by a contractor (originally as a dxf or 3ds). When I load it into TS3, it comes in as a mesh. I have tried saving it as a cob, asc, 3DS etc and reloading it and it is still a mesh. Basically, I know TS3 intimately, been using it ever since it came out and I love it. I have tried later versions but just can’t work with them… (I think I’m too old now to change!). I just want to add/subtract and do stuff with the object in (TS3) but cannot do anything with it as a mesh… here is the object, , if it helps… I tried the solidify plugin but when I try to load it, I get a pop-up message saying “The specified procedure could not be found”. thankyou for your assistance in this, by the way – I have been trying to fix this for some years now.

  7. spacekdet3d says:

    I figured the Solidify was a long shot, it’s utility is built into the newer versions. It’s probably looking for some long superseded Windows system file

    Loaded the object into tS 7.61 and was able to successfully perform Point Editing, UV Mapping, Painting with a new material, and Boolean Add and Subtract operations.

    Not sure why tS3 is having an issue with it- I can’t test it because I don’t have it installed on this machine. Come to think of it, with no floppy drive I *can’t* install it! Ah, Progress!
    I understand your devotion to tS3, it has a simple elegance that the later versions, while much more capable, sometimes lacked. With more power comes more complexity.

    Try playing around with a copy of the object in 7.6 and maybe it can do the edits that tS3 can’t do.
    Remember to use the Model side menu to save as a tS3 compatible format- items saved in Workspace will only be editable in the Workspace. Then you can pop it back into old familiar v. 3.

    While 7.6 isn’t my favorite version, it technically is more advanced in most regards. Smooth learning curve and elegance factor…well, not so much. Quirky is a polite way to put it, I guess.

    Don’t be afraid, at least you can finally edit that object if you want to!

  8. MichaelH. says:

    Thankyou for yur help :-) I guess I will try to learn this new system!

  9. Armando says:

    has long been true that use space and I’m really sorry that it is no longer developed ……
    I downloaded version 7.6 but I can not find a compatible version of VRAY (I think the previous 1.5 do not work) you can help
    thanks Armando

  10. spacekdet3d says:

    Vray 1.5 (I think) should work with 7.6.
    Run the Vray install program and note where it is installed.
    Open tS
    Find and click the ‘Package Manager’ icon
    Right click in the Package Manager and choose ‘Install New’
    Navigate to where you installed Vray.tsr
    Click the ‘Load’ box
    Restart trueSpace.

    Note: You may have to copy or move the Vray.tsr file into the main trueSpace folder first, (I don’t remember because it’s been a long time since I did this)
    Here is a diagram showing the Package Manager icon location:

    • Armando says:

      thank you very much for your information, now I try ……
      version of V-Ray in my possession is 1.52 and is full of bugs …… I could not find the 1.53 which works perfectly, can you help me?
      thanks Armando

  11. spacekdet3d says:

    I won my copy from the monthly contest that Caligari used to hold.
    To tell the truth, I’m not even sure what version # I have.
    I don’t know if VRAy even makes or updates the trueSpace version anymore.
    You could always try to contact them and see if they’re still available.

    That leaves the secondary market- you’d have to find someone willing to sell their copies of trueSpace and VRay.

    While I would never recommend it, there’s also the black market.
    You can find it by looking for the skull and crossbones pirate flag.

  12. Armando says:

    I looked at the sites with the skull and crossbones, but without result
    I hope to have more luck with the link that you have shown me
    Thank you very much Armando

  13. Armando says:

    useless, I can not get no help, I just can not find the version 1:53

  14. spacekdet3d says:

    I’m sorry you are having a hard time finding a copy Armando.
    I wish I could help you more.
    Keep searching, you may find a used copy of tS/VRAY for sale someday.
    Have you contacted Chaos Group directly?

    • Armando says:

      Chaos Group directly contacted with the request for information or purchase, this was the response

      Our customer support team personnel has replied to your support request #XXXXX
      Currently V-Ray do not support TrueSpace.
      Please let us know if you need any further information.
      Kind Regards,

      you can not find on the net and you can not even buy regularly ……….
      just crazy …… bah!

  15. Seph says:

    I have a question regarding old Ts 4-5 and 6.6 video tutorials..there was one series that was very helpful and Im trying now for years to get a complete copy of all the parts…( I use to have it in its entirety, but lost it over the years)…so far I have only found 2 parts….(part 1) …..(and part8) .. ….but parts 4 and 5 are the have the most information regarding “motion studio” and rigging the face, eyes, and mouth as sub bones…I have a character mess that is incomplete because I cant rig the eyes mouth and face….this video series in its complete format would put me back on track…any suggestions where I might find the rest of this tutorial series….I’ve searched everywhere…

    Greets, Seph

  16. ronrn says:

    Trying to get TS 6.5/6.6 cranked up again in win 8.1 on a new pc. Is there a way to link the “manual” in the help menu to the “help chm file in the TS folder? Also, win8.1 will not let the patches install ?? Also forgotten how to get my archived projects back into the “Projects” library. fyi- many more ?’s to come.

    • spacekdet3d says:

      I’m still running Win7 here so I can’t help with Win 8 questions. I know there’s a trick to re-link the help file to the index but off the top of my head I can’t remember. I think someone at U3DA ( ) rebuilt a new PDF index file. Please join the U3DA forum if you haven’t already and ask the hive mind your questions. Other than that, I’m sorry I can’t be much help.

    • spacekdet3d says:

      As far as the archive just copy it into the new directories and load it via the Library. You may need to re-texture some objects as the texture paths will necessarily change.
      Are you installing just 6.6 or are you going to try the new unofficial 7.x version too? I think the help bug is fixed in that version.

      The help file snafu I think was caused by a hard coded instruction to look for them in a particular directory. My memory is a little fuzzy so don’t quote me on that! I have the same problem here so I just open the directory that the help PDFs are in and just open them manually.

      • ronrn says:

        6.6 , tried 7 and don’t care for it much. I do wish that 6.6 had the better rendering engine. Got the archives placed, just added .scl to the folder names and pulled out the obl files into the library. Gave up on the “project” library for now. Most of the textures/shader packs won’t install unless you do it manually. Got a lot of them done. Yea, one extra click to open the help file isn’t worth complaining about. Thanks for the feedback, can’t wait to get started on some new projects.

  17. spacekdet3d says:

    I prefer modeling in 6.6 myself. I use 7.x because I managed to snag a copy of VRay before it went under. The Model side of 7.x is basically 6.6 anyway. It’s no speed demon, but the 6.6 render engine can still manage some pretty good results. I have to admit I’ve gotten quite rusty at 3D lately. Probably be more enjoyable if I maxed out my RAM capacity and, you know, bought an actual real video card. It’s a little embarrassing to admit I’m just running built-in, onboard video.

    • ronrn says:

      I have to admit that the purchase of a new Pc has sparked a renewed interest in 3d. Tons of RAM and a video card that’s nearly bigger than my last computer. I guess I just favor 6.6 because it’s so familiar to me. Loaded an old scene file with IBL lighting that once took over 30 hrs. to render and it rendered in about 30 min. I didn’t realize that VRay is a separate add-on for v7.

  18. spacekdet3d says:

    Yep, you can install/ run both.
    VRay was a ‘special’ tS only version that’s unfortunately no longer available. I snagged mine by scoring a win/runner up in the old monthly image contest that Caligari used to run. If you want to give 7 a whirl, ask @ the U3DA forum and they’ll point you to the latest “Unofficial” release. (Yes! it’s actually still being worked on by volunteers) It’s not always easy to find so that’s why I suggest asking first. It has some new tools that 6.6 doesn’t have so it’s worth the download if you have the space. It also can be confusing as hell but don’t let that scare you.

  19. Brad says:

    I too was wondering about Vray. Just looking for a good renderer again. By the way… how’ve ya been, spacekdet? Long time no see.

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