Skate Season at last.

I finally braved the ice and went skating on the upper lake for the first time this winter.

Looked like it was 3-4 inches thick from what I could see of the bubbles and fracture lines. The entire lake is mostly glass-clear except for some milky fissures and the thicker rim near shore. A little spooky because it’s been so warm. The lower lake is covered in ice so thin the wind  keeps breaking it up. The north lake froze and has stayed frozen a couple weeks now. I checked it last week and it was too feeble to even consider. Heavy rain a few days ago that has since re-froze gave it a nice glossy coat.

I got in a couple hours of good clean fun before dusk.

In the dim lighting I managed to shoot a photo and one occasionally shaky video. Didn’t think I’d press my luck after dark, alone, on untested ice. Looking forward to more, hoping for cold and no snow!

Click image for large version, or 22.5 MB video in WMV format is here.

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