Hot & UnHappy Hunting Grounds

This is the area where my Dad & Grandpa hunted deer for decades.

Updates added below.

And now, it’s on fire.

Mouth of the Two-Hearted River State Forest Campground going up in smoke. Boat Launch survived? Maybe!

News blurb:


 Rainbow Lodge gone! The long, long drive for more beer just got a lot longer.

More info at their FB page, which refuses to link here. You can find it if you want.

The Falls & Crisp Point also threatened.

30 square miles and counting already burnt…

Fire Map: (PDF from the Michigan DNR.)

Satellite view with visible smoke plumes.  More, updated daily, at this link.

Do your best Rain Dance.

Update: Link to DNR aerial footage.

Update: 5/31; Fire Map (PDF from Michigan DNR showing conditions as of 8 PM 30 May.)

Update:  There has been some rain. Progress being made. some residents will be allowed back into the area. DNR bulletin as of 1 June.

Keep Dancing!

Update: Containment @ 71%.  DNR Bulletin as of 2 June

Update: Containment 100%  DNR Bulletin as of June 13

Update: June 19; DNR Meeting with affected landowners set for June 26.

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