Grumman Square Stern Sailing Canoe

It seems to be a popular search term that lands people here, so here is a photo gallery I made showing the set-up I use for my Grumman.

pretty good yard sale find for 200 bucks

Another post about this boat.

Video here.

Update: 11/12/12:

Located a company that makes canoe sail rigs.

Update 9/3/14:

Link to one minute GoPro video of sailing this boat.

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2 Responses to Grumman Square Stern Sailing Canoe

  1. Don B says:

    I have a Grumman 15 foot 8 inch square stern sailing canoe. I has Ted Williams on the sail cover bag lanteen sail. 2 set of oarlocks,both oars unscrew to shorten for transport. All the the sail boards,and it is in great shape. What is a good site to find out about it’s worth,and advertise it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. spacekdet3d says:

    Sounds nice! Hmm… I’ve got room for another….
    I bought mine used @ a garage sale and got a good neighbor price, so I can’t speak much for actual market value. However, I’m interested so after a little searching…

    Looks like a similar hull, brand new, can be found online on ebay for about $1,200. Retail outfitters would also possibly sell them, I’m guessing the square stern type would be special order. They seem to be rare, at least I don’t see many in stock. Local markets will vary, of course.
    In the used market, price could be anywhere depending on condition. All the extras will help bump up the price, they should be sold/kept together with the boat.
    Link for new hull:

    New ‘polymer’ hulls are about $700:

    The Ted Williams sails seem to be possibly as early as 1960’s vintage: It was a Sear’s brand from 1961- 1983 that made a variety of goods, including sails and bags.

    Does it have a rudder? Have you tried it out yet, they are a heck of a lot of fun!
    I’d love a couple photos if you’ve got the time and inclination.
    You never know, if the price is right I’m just across the Lake!

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