Shoreline Viewer Deluxe

Oblique Imagery of all 5 Great Lakes.

Searchable, clickable map and nice big photographs taken from the air all along the US Great Lakes shoreline.

See it like an eagle does.

Bonus: Includes Isle Royale National Park! Drill down to  Lake Superior/Michigan/Keweenaw County and enjoy your flight!


Update: Made a quick and dirty visual tutorial image to show how to use the above site.

I found that once I have one of the ‘full’ 5616 X 3744 images open, it’s easier to just change the file name/number in the browser location box in order to view the next or previous numbered image in the sequence.

For example, if the full size image URL is; then to see the next image just select xxx5 and type/enter xxx6. (or xxx4, depending on which direction you wish to fly). Hope that makes sense.

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