Switching to glide.

Wild swings in overnight temperatures first melted the skiff of snow coating the lake ice and then just as quickly re-froze it. Nature’s Zamboni machine in action. I let it stiffen up a bit and ventured out this afternoon. High winds and swirling snow tornadoes kept me company. Not bad if you are dressed for it. Ventured down to the lower end of the lake where the wind was keeping the snow blown clear. Clear, mostly smooth ice that looks anywhere from 4- 8 inches thick. Still open water near some shorelines and canal outlets.

Very nice where it’s smooth and snow-free, but it got a little ‘scabby’ close to the house- looks like it re-froze while the wind was pushing the slush around. It’s different every day.

Left in a hurry and forgot the camera this time, so for today it’s just the GPS stats for the Lake Pointe Skate Club Ice Report. You can see that the smooth ice (and a healthy tail wind) makes a difference, at least in the Max Speed department!

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