In Which I Leave No Trace in Camp Envy

UPDATE (9/10/13): Here’s a drone’s eye view. 
Sharp eyed viewers may spot the location of the webcast camera.

Also, check out this photo set here.

UPDATE: (9/19/13) Very Nice video view of BRC 2013 from a distance.

See what it takes to prep a couple Mutant Vehicles.

Another Burning Man has come and (mostly) gone, and as usual I spent it in Camp Envy, watching the web stream. Definitely a case of “It was better next year”. (And last).

Meanwhile I got to watch my own personal light show:

Maybe someday, Man.

Some links to 360 panoramas of some of the art.

More at the Burning Blog. 

Need more visuals of what this is all about? Flickr has some.

Thinking of going? Better read up first.

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