Early Winter

Sorry about the lack of blogging lately. Pre-holiday distractions and all that.

Playing a little game of catch-up, so here are a couple quick photo galleries.

After that good start, we received a fair amount of snow on top of the beautifully smooth skating ice; just as it was thick enough to be safe. I managed to get one skate in before 4-5 inches of powdery fluff fell. I was dumb enough to start shoveling a rink. About killed myself. After I rested up from that ordeal, I tried out the skates again. The rink was just ok, but it turns out the skating outside the rink was still fine. The snow was fluffy and not quite so deep as to prevent me from skating anyway. All that shoveling for nothing! Well, maybe the kids next door will adopt the rink for a hockey game or two.

Click each image to open a photo gallery.

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