Too late for trilliums

Finally made it back out to Proud Lake for a hike. Missed the trillium bloom by what looked like a week or so- what flowers were left were wilted, fading, and not worth a photo.


All the ponds were full of water and the mosquitoes were friendly and numerous. Looks like there’s been some trail work done; lots of new gravel laid down in the wetter parts of the trail. Noisy to walk on, but at least now the campers from the outdoor center won’t get their expensive tennis shoes all icky. Stopped to take a photo of the mushroom above, and then ran away from the swarm of mosquitoes that had gathered, leaving my hiking stick behind. It only took me a mile and a half to remember. Luckily it only had the mosquitoes to keep it company and it was still there when I came back for it.

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