Some fantastic (for March in Michigan) weather took me out for yet another hike at Proud Lake State Recreation Area. Took a good long hike, and then waited till after dusk, hoping to hear or see the ‘sky dance of the Timberdoodles’ but to no avail. Unknowingly, I dropped the camera in the snow on the way back in the dark. Freaked out the next morning when I noticed it was gone. Luckily had the GPS running and there was still lots of snow in the woods, so I was able to retrace my route. Figured it was a goner when I arrived at the last place I knew I’d taken a photo and still hadn’t found it. Followed my track backwards once more, even slower this time, and was so happy when I spotted just a corner of the camera peeking out of the snow. Good thing it’s waterproof… and I dropped it during the ‘off trail’ portion of the hike. With all that being said, here’s a few photos from the walk.

A video with some sights and sounds of the thawing woods is linked here.

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