Proof Of Life

Firing up the Lake Pointe Skate Report for the season. Lower lake froze first a few days ago, upper lake took a couple more days. Froze, but then was almost immediately covered with fallen snow. No chance for glass ice/ballroom floor stuff this season unless we get a warm-up/melt/refreeze combo. Upper lake still has open water in patches out in the middle- the swans swimming around there had better fly somewhere else while they can still take off. They can’t take off from solid ground, they have to get a running start in liquid water to get airborne. Meanwhile they keep the hole open by the action of swimming around and around, but if these bitter cold temperatures keep up they’ll be doomed to walking out or starving.

Took an axe out and chopped a couple test holes out in front on the lower lake. Measures about 3 to 4 inches, with at least that much snow on top. Drifts are probably deeper. Slushy under the snow so I think I’ll hold off on any skating until it gets thicker, hardens up, or some of the snow blows off.  Not a great start- the last few years have really spoiled me with the glassy, mostly snow free starts to the season.

Walking out to the shed to fetch the axe I spooked two large hawks out of the weeping willow. They took off and circled over the lake while I chopped my test holes. Walking back to the house I see what I interrupted them from doing- feeding on a drake duck that they had killed in the side yard. Goodbye, Bert, now you’ll be flying as part of the hunters instead of one of the hunted.

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