Lake Pointe Skate Pointe

Checked out the upper lake and lo and behold, the wind had cleared off the snow close to  shore in a nice path. Chopped a couple test holes and both showed about 4 inches of ice. Laced up the skates and fired up the GPS. First pass to Piche’s Point I spooked a Bald Eagle out of one of the trees. He took off north across the lake, circled around and landed in some trees on the north shore. I wonder if that’s what I saw yesterday feeding on the duck in my yard. I thought it was a big hawk but now I’m not so sure. After a few more passes I looked for it again and managed to spot not one but two eagles standing on the ice. Got a photo at the maximum zoom level of the Pentax, so sorry about the potato quality.

If you are into that sort of thing, you can watch a shaky handheld video of a west to east pass here.


6.17 miles | 1 Hour 4 Minutes |  Max speed 11 mph | Moving Average 5.8 mph

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