Big Ballroom

The rain and warmth (again) gave way to a(nother) cold snap. I let it solidify a couple days and finally couldn’t stand looking at the sheeny-shiny anymore. 

Almost perfect conditions. A fair bit of creaks and groans the first few passes; adrenaline is a fine adjunct to ice skating. Went much further out this time. What little snow there was in patches was very thin. Further out where the wind was higher it was scoured clean. Forgot the GPS the first session. Brought the camera, took some photos and a video.
Went out at dusk and remembered to bring it then. Skated well into the dark beneath a half moon.

Lake Pointe Skate Report
GPS Stats:
Odometer: 8.17 miles
Max speed: 12.9 mph
Moving time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Moving average: 6.9 mph
Stopped: 27 minutes
Overall average: 5 mph

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