Smooth Move, X-Cracks

Roller coaster weather; snow, then rain and high winds, then dropping temps.

Took the overall sheen off the ice, but melted all the snow and left the surface pebbled and crunchy in spots but still glassy in others. A sunny weekend finally brought out other skaters, some cruising around like me and some playing hockey.  Put in lots of miles while I can. Ice thickness is 6-10 inches, and I know it’s safe, but it’s still a thrill to hear noises like a giant saltine cracker breaking and see new cracks propagate like a lightning bolt beneath your feet.  Went out again after dark and skated while the waning gibbous Moon rose. Noises even more un-nerving in the dark. Just keep telling myself I skated over this multiple times in the daylight and try to ignore them. Being out there alone probably isn’t the greatest idea but what can you do. More freezing rain followed by regular rain last night. Hoping the forecasted warm up doesn’t do much damage. I’ll spare you the statistics because I have several days worth compiled, and they’re probably only interesting to no one else but me. In the meantime, another photo gallery and a new video.

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