US Air Force Museum

Stopped here for the first leg of the 2017 Eclipse Roadtrip. .

Located in Dayton, Ohio, and on the web here:
Click image to open gallery of photos by myself and my able assistant photographer.
10/10, would plane again.

Update: how did they get those huge planes in there?

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2 Responses to US Air Force Museum

  1. Janice Ritchey says:

    My brother was in the Air Force in the 50″s
    He passed away in 2013. I have a yearbook from when he was in basic training at Geneva New York. If you would like to have it for the museum I will donate it. Please let me know.
    Thank you
    Janice Ritchey

  2. spacekdet3d says:

    Janice, here is some information from the Air Force Museum’s website regarding donation of historical items:

    How do I donate an item to the museum?
    If you would like to donate an item(s) to the museum, we ask that you please send an email to or send a letter to:

    National Museum of the USAF
    Collection Management Division
    Attn: Donation Offers
    1100 Spaatz Street
    Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433

    Can’t I just mail or drop off a donation to the museum?
    No, the museum does not accept unsolicited donations. Once a donation offer has been accepted by the Collection Committee, you will be given instructions on how to mail/ship the donation to us. Donations can only be dropped off at the museum front desk after written coordination/confirmation with a museum curator or registrar.

    What kind of items does the museum look for?
    The museum looks for items that help broaden and enrich the history of the United States Air Force. These items can be in the form of uniform items, memorabilia, equipment, photographs, personal papers, etc. We look at every donation individually to see if it meets our collection needs and fits our mission to tell the story of the Air Force. In addition, we have a donation wish list (looking for specific items) on our website that is updated regularly.

    Does the museum accept long term loans?
    It is against policy to accept personal loans of historical property. Such loans impose a significant administrative burden on the museum as well as other responsibilities and are contrary to best practices as advocated by the American Alliance of Museums.

    Does the museum accept artwork?
    The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force normally does not collect art. We refer donors to the United States Air Force Art Program that is better suited to accept this kind of donation. The Art Program presents the story of the Air Force and its rich aviation history to both the military and the public through art.

    Who reviews donation offers?
    All donations are reviewed by the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force Collection Committee prior to acceptance. The Collection Committee consists of the senior curator along with members representing multiple museum divisions.

    Why is the museum so picky in what it accepts?
    The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force collection contains more than 135,000 items, including over 2,700 aerospace vehicles and missiles along with more than 400,000 photographs, nearly 9 million documents, and over 5,000 books. While we wish we could accept any and all offers, we have neither the storage capability nor the staff and budget resources to maintain such an enormous undertaking.

    What is the process once I donate something to NMUSAF?
    Once an item is received by either the Collection Management or Research Division, you will be notified. The accessioning process, in which the item(s) are catalogued into the collection, will then begin. The accessioning process includes identification, research, cataloging, photographing, tagging and storage. Once this is completed, usually in about 45 days, you will receive an acknowledgement letter and gift list for your records.

    Will my items be exhibited?
    The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force cannot guarantee that any donated item will ever be placed on exhibit. Exhibits are subject to both budget concerns and changing planning needs. Like most other museums only a small percentage of our collection (about 8%) is on exhibit. The rest is in secure storage and is used for research, future exhibit needs and as a historical study collection.

    Can the museum do an appraisal of my donation?
    The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force cannot provide monetary appraisals to individuals on their donated items. However, there are professional appraisers that will perform this service for a fee. You can contact one of these organizations for appraisers in your area:

    American Society of Appraisers
    International Society of Appraisers
    Appraisers Association of America

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