Words, pictures, and bad puns from the ‘Enchanted Mitten’; brought to you direct from the shores of Commerce Lake, Michigan.

What’s it all about, you say? Well, here is where I’ll post links to various things that pique my interests. These might include things such as Michigan photographers, parks, or photos from the occasional trip or hike that I take. I’m also interested in 3D computer modeling; I’ve used a program called trueSpace since 1995. It’s free software now, go grab a copy if you want. Other interests are art, architecture, backpacking, caregiving for my parents, history, geology, kayaking, log cabins, miniature modeling, photography, space exploration, collecting or writing tutorials for 3D modeling, and web page building.

I have a large collection of Michigan related links here, along with plenty of links to my other interests. It’s probably the most often updated part of my website.

New photography will also be posted here: http://www.spacekdet.com/photo/photoblog/

Occasionally I’ll use an image to create a link to another site. I always properly credit and link to the original photographer’s site. If I use one of yours and you don’t want me to, notify me and I’ll remove it.

Why ‘The LogBook’? Seemed logical, this being a blog from a site called ‘The Cabin.’

1 Response to About

  1. chris orlando says:

    Great articles and pictures. We are heading up to our place for Christmas and its nice to know we have a neighbor like you in Northern Mi. Thank you and God Bless

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