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Recreational Fire

Something willow tree owners learn to love. Click to see larger.

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The Moon is the pits

You’ll really want to break out your red/blue 3D glasses and check this out. And since we’re getting loony, here’s a year’s worth of the phases of the Moon. (Update) Sorry, forgot to link to article, hurr durr, see above.

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First up, last to fall

A couple days of warm weather teased the first of the daffodils and primrose into blooming. Followed 24 hours later by a 45 degree drop in temperature and then a snowstorm. Sigh. At least enough snow fell that it broke … Continue reading

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A little gas sea.

    Other seas to sail on.

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Reports from the Frontier

Stunning gallery of images from my second-favorite planet. So alien, yet so relatively close to home.

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