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Coffee break

Good Morning!Testing the new camera on macro mode. And getting a java jolt too. UPDATE: Tested out the macro ‘Digital Microscope’ function.Say hello to my little pocketknife. Sharp!

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We now interrupt this blog for some original content. I probably should have posted this on Christmas, but hey, weren’t we all a little busy? So that’s it for 2012, bring it on, 2013. Did you miss what happened last … Continue reading

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Red in beak and claw

Opened the blinds and beheld a miniature murder scene.   Where the hawk had breakfast.

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Happy Pork Pie!

Uh, I mean, New Years, happy New Years. Time for the traditional French-Canadian pork pie, AKA ‘Tourtiere.’ Who I’ll be kissing at midnight. Excuse the horrible government-mandated florescent lighting.

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