Looney Moon

Back on the ice. Did about 5 miles late in the afternoon, and then headed out after dark to try to observe the partial Lunar Eclipse. Like an old Pink Floyd album, it was ‘Obscured By Clouds’ until long after it rose. The skating sure was fine anyway. Put away another 5.5 miles after dark. Took some photos, naturally, and here they are.
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Before the fall

A Throw-Back-Thursday gallery of photos from a car camping trip around Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that I took in August 2001. I started at the Cabin with my Valley Canoe Products Skerray kayak strapped to the top of the Ford Taurus and headed further north.
After crossing the Mackinac Bridge, the first stop was near Paradise, Michigan. I camped at the now closed Shelldrake State Forest Campground, and the next morning hit Whitefish Point Light Station, home of the excellent Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. After leaving there and consulting my trusty Michigan Gazetteer I decided to do a little two-tracking. Note: a Ford Taurus with a 17 foot kayak strapped on top looks ridiculous stuck in deep sand, do not attempt. After extricating myself, next was a quick visit at the Leanin’ Cedar Deer Camp, location undisclosed, and then on to camp at Bodi Lake State Forest Campground. From there I took the long and winding road to Crisp Point Lighthouse.

Photo gallery from this trip.

After another night at Bodi Lake, I struck out early the next morning for the Copper Country. After a long drive I ended up at Fort Wilkins State Park. Kayaked across the harbor to see the lighthouse. Got there and realized I’d forgotten my camera; when I paddled back I found I’d also left the doors to the car hanging open. Guess I was in a rush to get on the water…it being a good neighborhood nothing was missing. Took the obligatory drive up Brockway Mountain, once in the daylight, and again after dark to watch a meteor shower. Heading south again I took M26 along the shore of Lake Superior stopping at Esrey Park and the tiny but picturesque town of Eagle Harbor. Rain began on my drive south towards Lake Michigan, but I drove through it and ended up near the ghost town of Fayette, on the Garden Peninsula. In Michigan, even our peninsulas have peninsulas. I found the wonderful Portage Bay State Forest Campground on the eastern shore a perfect spot to base camp. I spent one day at the Fayette Historic Townsite  (don’t miss the fantastic scale model in the Visitor’s Center) and one day kayaking around near the campsite. Getting up before dawn and heading out in the boat, then watching deer standing in the still water getting a drink across Portage Bay was a highlight. With more rain in the forecast and time running out, I reluctantly headed back towards the Cabin and responsibility. A couple weeks later, the world would shift on it’s axis.

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Roaming in the gloaming

In which I take yet another hike through Proud Lake park, accompanied by a nice atmospheric fog. Hike out after dark.

Click image to open gallery, to see any image full size click or tap the ‘open image in new window’ icon.

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Love what you do and you won’t work a day blah blah blah

Things I do when I’m not watching ice melt in the January thaw.

A collection of my 3D modeling and rendering. My program of choice is trueSpace.
Here are some of the things that didn’t fit in the ‘Cabin’ section of my website, plus some extras that didn’t make it on to the web in any official capacity until now.

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Smooth Move, X-Cracks

Roller coaster weather; snow, then rain and high winds, then dropping temps.

Took the overall sheen off the ice, but melted all the snow and left the surface pebbled and crunchy in spots but still glassy in others. A sunny weekend finally brought out other skaters, some cruising around like me and some playing hockey.  Put in lots of miles while I can. Ice thickness is 6-10 inches, and I know it’s safe, but it’s still a thrill to hear noises like a giant saltine cracker breaking and see new cracks propagate like a lightning bolt beneath your feet.  Went out again after dark and skated while the waning gibbous Moon rose. Noises even more un-nerving in the dark. Just keep telling myself I skated over this multiple times in the daylight and try to ignore them. Being out there alone probably isn’t the greatest idea but what can you do. More freezing rain followed by regular rain last night. Hoping the forecasted warm up doesn’t do much damage. I’ll spare you the statistics because I have several days worth compiled, and they’re probably only interesting to no one else but me. In the meantime, another photo gallery and a new video.

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